Few overseas riders came to light. However, one year at

Scone Rodeo an American Saddle Bronc Champion,

Johnny Clements gave an exhibition ride.


We were much interested as it was the first time any of us had seen the international saddle in use; requiring a different style of riding. So as a measure of horse and man the committee ran their well known bucking horse “Satan” into the chutes for him. “Satan” certainly played his part but still Johnny Clements spurred him all over.


When John returned to the chutes, a young reporter was ready with a microphone.

He asked the question ~

“Mr. Clements, What did you think of Old Satan?” The cowboy replied “He’s a real narce buckin’ horsse” in a broad Texan accent.


The interview went on...

I remember that he had his competition western saddle with him when someone produced our much smaller “Australian” poley saddle. The reporter then asked “What do you think of this saddle?” John had a long look at it and replied “Ah have seen more l’ather in a frrayin’ pan”!


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