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Few Australians outside the academically educated have written much, that when analysed can be regarded as recent history.

Upon analysis, my primary school report doesn't show any real capability as an author,  judging by the marks awarded at the time of the examination. That means developing a pure desire to achieve the outcome here. The result is an inscription of my life covered in one hundred and twenty-two thousand words.

Life's value is best appreciated when written by those that have lived it. And not by asking an elderly relative to “tell their story”. It doesn't come from their heart; the years have dulled their ability to relate to events that actually took place “way back when”. And the elderly don't relate well to another who has grown up in another place and time. As a result it just doesn't happen and history vanishes, it evaporates as surely as time itself.

I can say I have enjoyed my life and the many characters with whom I crossed paths.

Two aspects of life were gifted to me; the sage advice pointed out by my Dad in relating to those that I met, and being a competent observer of nature and my fellow Australians living their lives.

Without those two attributes, this volume would not have been penned.

Regarding towns and times, they really only occur at one given moment, you cannot return. In hindsight, such is the pace of change. Both have their own fabric that is maintained only for a decade or so, then replaced by growth. Population and economics act as a remedy for any history. It is replaced very quickly.

I have enjoyed the life, you'll enjoy the read.

Travel safe ~ Del Richards, Author

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