red, red and more red up weipa way

Weipa is bauxite in every sense of the word. There is no local gravel even to make concrete, so they use bauxite. The town was red from the mineral, very different to anywhere else.


A typical mining town with all services, the service station was more recognisable than the other metal buildings.


Literally there were hills of bauxite in town awaiting shipment through the Embley River to the Gulf of Carpentaria.


After purchasing thirty-eight gallons (168 litres) of petrol we headed east and camped the night beside a billabong on Yorke Downs Station.


Then heading north-east the next day our compass played a role when we were travelling a road that wasn’t on our maps.


After reaching the main Peninsula Road and again crossing the Wenlock River we spoke to the postmaster at Moreton Telegraph Station to gain some local knowledge.


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